Our services

One Connect Limited provides a range of services to, and on behalf of, Lancashire County Council (and other organisations). These services include; Human Resources and Payroll, Information and Communication Technology, Customer Contact Centre Services and Procurement Services.

  •           Connect2Education

One Connect Limited now provides all of the ICT services to schools previously supplied by Lancashire County Council and has encompassed the Westfield Centre, CLEO, Schools Portal and Corporate IT.

Bringing together all of these teams under Connect2Education means we have retained the expertise of the predecessor services but have a much more joined up approach and can focus our efforts on addressing schools' needs.

Benefits of Connect2Education include:

  • One Service Desk for schools.
  • Improved communications with schools.
  • Dedicated Education Account Managers.
  • New catalogue of products and services.
  • Use of BT £8 billion spending power.

Learn more here.

  •           Human Resources and Payroll:

The Human Resource and Payroll (HRP) Service deploys the latest Oracle HRP ICT system. It is responsible for the provision of a range of specialist HR support services to approximately 60,000 customers. A £6million ICT investment has helped to reduce costs, improve the efficiency and speed of transactional times, remove the need for paper and increased accuracy and security of data.

Services provided include; HR consultancy, employee relations, traditional transactions, specialist payroll functions and learning and development.

The service manages a comprehensive intranet site which provides detailed information and advice to employees and managers; 24 hours a day, all year round. Additionally, customers can speak to our HR and Payroll specialists by contacting our dedicated service centre, Ask HR (8am - 6pm Monday to Friday).

Our HR and Payroll Service offers a range of other services including; 

  •             E-recruitment.
  •             E-learning.
  •             Learning Management System (LMS).
  •             Manager Self Service.
  •             Employee Self Service.
  •             Excellent M.I.S. reporting (eg. sickness, recruitment, agency,

The pricing model can be tailored to individual organisations including; costs per payslip per employee per month; HR services cost per employee per year; and project based work at fixed costs or agreed hourly rates.

Today the HR and Payroll Service provides these services to around 25 organisations and many hundreds of schools. It manages a payroll bill of over £700million pa. 

  •           Information and Communications Technology:

The ICT Service is underpinned by a modern, agile and flexible infrastructure. It promotes the use of modern technologies and the most effective; Enterprise Architecture, Programme Management, Project Delivery and Service Management accredited methodologies. It is built around the ITIL model of ICT architecture. The focus is around the five themes of; networks, desktops, applications, data centre and ICT assurance.

The ICT Service supports all areas of the County Council business and many other organisations including the Lancashire Police Authority, Fire Service, District Councils and over 850 schools. Its focus is on the delivery of services that are effective, efficient and responsive to the needs of our customers through the optimum use of new technology.

The ICT Service provides a full range of technical and operational support through a specialist ICT Service Desk which operates 8am - 6pm, Monday to Friday. It handles over 400 applications, over 75,000 PC estate, major networks (including CLEO) and a fully integrated ICT offering. The commercial model can again be tailored around individual customers and can include; fixed price projects, procurement, or managed ICT Services contracts. 

  •           Customer Access:

Our Customer Access Service manages all customer communication channels on behalf of Lancashire County Council. It provides front of house services and helps citizens of Lancashire access the extensive range of council services, including children and adults social care.

Through One Connect Limited, customers are able to contact Lancashire County Council using communication channels which are convenient and appropriate to their needs. Our range of channels includes: web based access such as www.lancashire.gov.uk or email services, speaking to a trained advisor through our Customer Service Centre or by visiting local offices and receiving face to face communication.

Telephony communications is the primary customer access channel currently preferred by customers of Lancashire County Council. Our Centre receives more than 100,000 calls each month. To support this, One Connect Limited has completed a £2million investment in the implementation of Avaya, a multi channel telephony system. This system is the epitome of leading technology and provides flexibility, robustness and agility in delivery of our telephony services.

  •             Procurement Service:    

The Procurement Service manages over £750million spend annually. The procurement and purchase to pay services are handled for Lancashire County Council, over 600 schools and One Connect Limited itself. The Service is responsible for the delivery of real and sustained financial savings and ensuring best value for money. The management and coordination of supplier contracts is also managed by the service along with the subsequent procurement of all goods and services.

The service recently launched Connect2Buy, an online procurement portal offering organisations within Lancashire an opportunity to purchase through this portal and take advantage of its immense buying partner. To find out more, download the Connect2Buy information flyer.